Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Agam Berry Shares: Why E-Commerce Companies Need A Solid Social Media Strategy

Social media is a very powerful tool for any e-commerce company. With so many potential customers on social media daily, there are a lot of opportunities to make a positive impression. To do that, the right strategy is needed.

Agam Berry is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Quantified Commerce, a US and India-based e-commerce company. He and his team use social media for e-commerce daily. Both in India and the United States, people really rely on getting information, learning about products, and purchasing products through social media.

Why E-Commerce is the Way to Sell in India
People love deals, especially in India. A lot of people are on a pretty set income, so finding the best deal is going to be very beneficial. With an e-commerce model, there are almost always going to be lower prices. Variety will also go up, which is another positive online.

There are obviously big cities in India, but there are a lot of smaller villages in the country as well. They can be very difficult to shop for much of anything in the smaller areas, because big stores just do not exist. E-commerce options open up a brand-new door for these people who live in somewhat remote areas.

How Social Media Impacts E-Commerce
Social media and e-commerce pretty much go hand-in-hand mostly due people consuming so much content on their phone every single day. No matter what country a person lives in, there are so many ways to consume information and not even really think twice about it.

Smart phones make it a lot easier to save payment information as well. That means that in a few clicks, a person can make a purchase online much easier than going through a more traditional route of finding the store and buying something from the store.

Influencers on social media also make a big difference. Actually seeing a product being used or displayed is going to put a bug in someone's ear to really consider giving it a try. Advertising is also going to be big on any social media platform because you can target a specific demographic that you know has shown interest in your product. A short video or photo can make a huge difference in showcasing what a certain product can provide.

In countries like India, the internet is just now becoming fast enough for people to watch videos and do a lot more while on the go. This is only going to open the floodgates more for e-commerce companies to really take off in that area. That is exactly what happened in the United States and other leading countries with technology.

Why Every E-Commerce Needs a Social Media Strategy
It is pretty much impossible for an e-commerce company to not be social media savvy. They need to be able to bring in new customers because, if they are not doing that, a competitor most certainly is.

Having a solid social media strategy includes managing profiles correctly and figuring out when to use advertising. Brands need to be smart in how they develop their reputation online, because they want to be seen as a company that gets it. If a company feels like they are not genuine, it is really going to affect the sales and hurt their image.

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