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Reasons Why Most Custom Software Development Projects Fail Before Completion

Well, whenever there is a talk of reasons for things to happen the way they do you can be guaranteed 99% of the time the reasons will be backed by some fun numbers. Same applies to our case here, and therefore, let’s check a few statistics:

  • According to medium, 75% of business bosses, together with their IT team think their software project’s failure is inevitable.
  • Less than a third of all projects tasted success
  • Lack of senior management participation has led to 33% of projects to fail.
  • As per 2016, the number of professional software development around the world was projected to be 21 million.

From the above numbers, it’s clear, but sadly, that software development industry loves to fail, and today we will try, hopeful successfully, to find out what are the reasons for this.

 Reasons Why Most Custom Software Development Projects Fail Before Completion

After a little detective work, here is what we found.

1. Ineffective communication 

The reasons for effective communication in any workplace are so many. First, it promotes an environment that is healthy for employees enabling them to work competently. Effective communication also helps to create a solid relationship between clients and stakeholders.

The major problem with the internal form of communication is that employees find it hard to be open with each other while working as a team in a particular project. This is due to the fact that every member of the team wants to finish on time, at the same time avoiding having to deal with many problems as much as possible. Because of this, the problem is not properly dealt with when it occurs until it is too late. This hugely jeopardizes the chances of project success.

Another way on how poor communication threatens the success of any given project is that management usually tends to not be more transparent with the client. They will say everything is okay just to avoid client becoming suspicious. In the event of a problem, the failure luggage rests squarely on the client’s shoulder.

To boost the chances of your project success, you will have to create a communication channel that benefits both sides.

2. Resistance to change 

There is no big surprise here, resistance to change the nature of human beings, and being a good project manager means that you are resisting the resistance to change.

Luckily, there are many project management tools you can use to make the whole process easier and effective. Despite this many project managers will still not be open to using these tools due to resistance to change.

There are plenty of suitable methodologies that managers can employ to smoothen the development process, example, Agile, Waterfall, Lean development etc. but still they are not eager to use them.

Being open to change can positively impact the quality of your project in the long-run.

3. Ignoring regular project reviews

The scope and requirements of the project need to be updated more often. To avoid some not so good results, consider regularly measuring your progress versus your initial project plan. Stop guessing and estimating your progress instead, do the donkey work and mine the relevant data that will help you precisely measure your progress.

Setting up a progress meeting is a sure way of getting the overall picture of the development progress.

4. Vague requirements

To avoid your project hitting a snag on the way, go through the complete planning exercise with your development team before beginning the process of custom software development. Conveying out your needs in a clear manner will assist your client to engineer the best solutions for your problems.
Understanding what the project requirements are will help to drive the entire process towards success because the results will surely meet the client’s expectations.

5. Impractical expectations 

Setting up unrealistic expectations is very common. When your client give you unrealistic expectations don’t be afraid to shoot them down in the name of not wanting to disappoint them. Agreeing with them will set for a bad confrontation when the project will be delayed.

Avoid committing to a completion date before you understand clearly what the client needs and what the project requirements are.

6. Lack of a good project manager

A project manager is needed to provide direction to the team. To have a quality end product that meets the client's requirements, a team need a strong project manager to guide them.

Some qualities to look for in a good project manager include being able to monitor, control, estimate and set everything on the course from the beginning to the end.

To have an effective linkage between the client and the development team, appoint a good project manager, as he or she will also help keep every stakeholder on the same page.

7. Lack of work purpose

Start with understanding the problem you want the custom software to solve. Relating your problems to the project help to increase the chances of success. An efficient and happy team is a team who believes in the work they are doing.

8. Lack of significant investment in your team

While dealing with a team, it is vital to first define each member’s strength and weaknesses. To have a great chance of succeeding, consider motivating your team to work within their strengths.

Listen to the dissenting voices among the team members to avoid frictions at work.

One way of getting the best out of your team is by pieces of training. Introducing courses and meetings plays a great role in fostering relationships among team members.

9. Over-promising 

As much as we talked about effective communication, it will be impossible to have one if there is no trust. Over-promising leads to under-delivering which leads to broken commitments that lead to damaged trust.

Instead, try to under-promise and over-deliver.


These pitfalls are common to anyone who has ever got involved in custom software development. The good thing is that they are all avoidable. As we saw in points above, embracing changes, investing in your team and having a good project manager is one of the many ways of avoiding these pitfalls.

Author Bio: Umar Bajwa is a young business enthusiast and content coordinator at AppModo loves to write about Mobile Apps, Technology, Health, and Life Style & Digital Marketing

Friday, 16 November 2018

How to increase lifeline of your laptop?

A laptop is one of the most important gadgets in today's world. You can perform many tasks with a single laptop. But every device has its own lifeline. If you want to increase the lifeline of your laptop, then you should follow some maintenance techniques. 


Here I am sharing some tips for good maintenance of your laptop:

Take good care of your laptop: Laptops are a very delicate gadget. You have to handle them with care. Use your laptop in safe places like away from water and extreme temperature. Avoid eating and drinking near your laptop. Never keep your laptop near pets and children. If you are traveling to someplace, always carry your laptop in a laptop bag.

Clean your laptop regularly: Laptops are like dirt magnets. No matter where you place your laptop, the fans and keyboard always attract the dust. You should always clean your keyboard and screen with laptop cleaner. Clean your laptop's fan with an air blower.

 Hardware Upgrades: If you want to perform heavy tasks in your laptop then hardware upgrades is a necessity. You have to invest some money for hardware updates but it is really cheaper than buying a new laptop. You can easily update the hard drive, graphics card, and RAM of the laptop.

Use your laptop properly: If you are working on your laptop then avoid placing it in bed or lap. This will block the ventilation. It will definitely affect your fan as well as other parts. If the RAM of your laptop is less then avoid using the heavy software. If you are using peripherals like flash drives, headphones or speakers then plug in them gently. Make sure to scan the flash drives before use.

Inside cleaning of your laptop: If you are using your device for a long time, you should probably clean your laptop from inside. If you don't clean the fan regularly, it will not able to ventilate properly. Without ventilation, your device will get hot. Due to extensive heat, other parts of the laptop may damage. If you are not able to clean the fan manually, ask a good technician for this job. You can visit Laptop Repair in Gurgaon for best servicing of your laptop.

Good protection: A good antivirus is an essential software for every laptop. The antivirus will not only protect your device from malware but also helpful for your hardware maintenance. A regular scan and junk removal will keep your RAM and hard disk healthy. If you are a gamer, then you surely need more RAM. Application software like online games impacts your system a lot. A good antivirus will help to maintain the performance of your device.

Regular software updates: There is no such thing which we can refer as perfect Operating System. Every operating system has some loopholes. But if you update your software regularly, it will help your operating system for performing well. Outdated software applications are harmful to your laptop. So, always check for new updates. If you see any new update, then do it immediately.

The tips mentioned above will give a better life to your laptop. If you have any good tip for increasing the lifeline of the laptop, don't forget to share with us in our comment section.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Mistakes that Startups Should and be Prepare for Beforehand

Setting up a business from scratch & succeeding in it is a task which is easy to say and hard to commit. Every startup business faces many challenges in their infant life for those if they are well prepared, they can get through quickly, and otherwise, they would have to taste the dust of failure. To have a financial support you should register your company under Private Limited Company registration. So, we thought of revealing some of the mistakes that startups should avoid to fly high in the skies of success:

1. Shortcuts:
Entrepreneurship requires a broader view, and a thought out plan for your customers & markets to achieve what you want. Some entrepreneurs, who are in the preliminary stage of their startups tend to apply shortcuts which provide them benefits in the short-term however, In the long-term they prove out to be disasters and could cost them their business.

2. Not Having Planned Marketing Strategy
A marketing plan includes your action plan for the complete life span duration of your company. It should covers all the aspects of marketing which provides for both online and offline with defined goals. One of the common mistakes that startups tend to make is to just put a few ideas together for a marketing plan. You need to make a through research on your techniques, resources, and trends.

3. Getting Distracted by Feedback
A customer is an individual, who wants to share his reviews and feedbacks based on his personal experience by your service which may or may not have relation to marketing trends. It should not distract you from what you want to do. Keep your focus on the ultimate goal and keep coming up with ideas which you are going to make life without losing the bigger picture.

4. Ignoring Feedback’s & Complaints
Feedback's and complaints are critical part of business since it gives you a glimpse of your business’s current position in comparison to where you want it to be. It is better not to get distracted from feedback, but it is equally important not to ignore them. Start thinking in this way, for whom you’re making this product? Who’s the end consumers? Same people who gave you the feedback, so if you don't listen to them; they’ll never use your product. Therefore, entrepreneurs should value the feedback along complaints to make progressive changes in business accordingly.

5. Jack of All Trades
Some of the entrepreneurs get a successful start and get rewarded for their hard work & struggle much sooner than they expected it. So, this makes them believe that they can handle everything on their own, and they start expanding their offerings. However, they are not able to handle that since it becomes to devote attention to every detail. This becomes one of the reasons for their failure.

6. Keeping Customer Service As Second Priority
If you wish to sell your product, do expensive advertising & marketing, but if you want to build a brand and want repetitive customers, make customer service your number one priority. Therefore, startups should be innovative and use modern tools to bring their customer service to a whole new level that will help customer to easily connect and have chat with them by using online business tools such as live chat support

There’s a no way without hurdles. All you have to do is to know how to avoid them for the better. Hope you would take note of the mistakes mentioned above and would not make it in your business. This article on mistakes that startups should and be prepare for beforehand.
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