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8 Reasons why Social Media Strategies are Crucial for your Fashion Business

A social media strategy is all about how your organization will harness the power of social media to achieve its communication and advertising aims. A successful social media strategy also mentions the platforms and tools that will be used to achieve these aims. In short, it can be as simple as a statement of intent, defining the goals and measurable metrics for using social media and the target outcomes you plan to achieve.

8 Reasons why Social Media Strategies are Crucial for your Fashion Business

The good news is that fashion businesses have some of the largest audiences on social media, as mentioned in a report by TrackMaven. What’s more, fashion marketing is capable of creating engaging content which keeps audiences hooked. Today, we are going to discuss how a social media strategy can help your fashion company expand its customer base, drive website traffic and generate more sales. Keep reading to learn more about why it is crucial for your fashion business to develop a social media strategy if you haven’t made one already:

1- Reflects the personality of your brand

A fashion business can thrive through a visual platform like Instagram. By sharing product shots and ‘behind the scenes’ pictures for your next campaign, you can tell the story of your fashion brand. This helps followers identify with your brand on a more personal level and makes them likely to choose it over other competitor fashion companies. You can also showcase a certain lifestyle that resonates with your ideal customer profile, and again the viewer will be more likely to choose your product.

2- Influences purchasing decisions of buyers

We can’t underestimate the power of social media as a platform when it comes to affecting the purchase decisions of potential buyers. According to Sprout Social, 74% of buyers make buying decisions based on online reviews and social media presence.

3- A platform to show off user-generated content

Social media is a great way to adopt UGC campaigns as a part of their social media strategy. It has unlimited benefits, and some of them include increasing sales by building customer trust, gaining credibility and strengthening relationships between brand and customers.

4- Lack of strategy gives an edge to your competitors

In today’s age, it is uncommon to find a fashion business that has managed to succeed without a social presence. To reach your business goals, one has to develop a social media strategy that plans, prioritizes, executes, measures and optimizes.

5- Potential customers are most active on social media

Mobile and social are turning into hubs of information. Whether it is talking to friends, reading blogs or emails, people are always using social media platforms as their content stream. This means you can find a large percentage of customers that fit your ideal customer profile, via a social network. And reaching out to them is only possible through strategic thinking.

Read this article by Jay Baer to learn more about how to develop a social media strategy in 7 Steps.

6- An opportunity to utilize influencer recommendation

Influencer marketing is the rage nowadays and for all the right reasons. From obvious celebrities to self-made online stars- you will definitely find someone who specializes in your niche. Many fashion brands employ influencers to reach a wider audience. For example, if you own a leather skin shop, find someone who is an expert in styling leather jackets.

A great case study is Craftsvilla’s partnership with Influencer is where they collaborated with 22 fashion influencers. As a result, they were able to reach out millions of customers.

7- A platform to build a strong business reputation

Social media can either make or break a business’s reputation. However, a failing social media strategy can also open ways for voices of discontent and vitriol which is not uncommon.

8- Social media is a sweet spot for fashion businesses

Social media can be a marketer’s heaven for fashion brands because it shows proven audience growth and strong content engagement results. Take a look at this study by TrackMaven, where it highlights that the apparel industry has an 18.62 percent average follower growth per brand.

Today, social media platforms are so much more than means of communication. With the right strategy, your fashion businesses can become an overnight success. Inspired? Are your ready to start working on your own social media strategy? 

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