Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A way to keep spy eye on your Girlfriend

Hey, friends are you having a strong doubt that your girlfriend is might be cheating on you and you have no idea that how to caught her red handed, in that case, my this post will definitely help you so read the information nicely and follow the procedure step by step. In this post, I am gonna tell you how easily you can get the complete details of your girlfriend call not even just the details but also you can listen to the conversation over your phone.

Might be you are in a relationship or may be thinking for a serious future with your partner without knowing the complete background so in that case, it's not too late to improve your mistake before getting into any serious issue and especially for this reason I am writing this post. This post is most beneficial in the case of students who are having any sort of doubt on their girlfriends they can easily record their girlfriend calls through which you can easily know with whom your girlfriend is talking too.

If you want this trick to happen then you need to get this application installed on your girlfriend's phone and for this, you have to read this post till the last. This information is going to be highly important and for using this feature you even don't need to be a technical expert so let's start are how to catch your girlfriend cheating operation.
Firstly, you have to take the phone of your girlfriend somehow for at least 2 minutes for knowing with whom actually she is talking to by getting all the recording details of her call log directly on your phone and then implement these steps as guided.

1.Visit the play stored in your girlfriend phone then select the option of call recorder application.

2.Then open that application and there you will get the option of Accept just click on it.

3.The movement you will click on the Accept option a pop will appear with the option of Email Address in that simple enter the address at which you want to receive all the recording they're you will even get a message that the required password will be sent to the same email.

4.Then just simply click on the NEXT option.

5.Now click on the Hide Icon option.

6.After all, this procedure is completely done just close all the task that you have opened and returned back the phone to your girlfriend.

You might find this information a bit lengthy to read but believe me this so easy once you read it completely and its steps are even much simple and easy to implement and it will take hardly few minutes. Now, the complete details of your girlfriend call log will be sent to your Email Id that you mentioned while installing that app
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