Saturday, 27 May 2017

4 Easiest Marketing Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

With every passing day, Instagram is getting the largest and highly followed social media network at the global level. As most of the business owners concentrate only on the LinkedIn and Facebook, the Instagram has been appeared to be on the secret keys to get your business promoted at a massive level and gain the wide success at social media. If you had an Instagram account and started posting pictures there, you are now off to the first step. However, this is just half of the game.

Here are some top tips for all the marketers for boosting the number of followers on Instagram.
Stay stuck to a fanatical niche
Most of the accounts which have become highly successful have focused on one or more particular niches while posting media linked to them. It is best to look for the area in which you are fervent and have knowledge about it and start posting pictures of it.
Similarly, for the marketers, the most concentrated niche is their brand. Being the business owner or a marketer, you should remain stick to it and keep posting about it at regular intervals.
Post at the definite time
Besides adding the proper hashtags and making use of the appropriate filters, it is important to consider the timing of the posts which you do.
The most targeted approach should be to have a complete analysis of what can or can’t work for your business. This can be done by visiting the optimisation section of the Iconosqaure, here you can the detailed results of the analysis of what you post or engage with the audience. These results highlight the best moments of the days of the month when you get the highest number of likes, comments, and followers.
After looking at these results, you can get to know that how you should organise your future strategies for marketing your business.
Use right hashtags
Another essential part of your posts are the hashtags on Instagram, however, it is crucial to note that how and when to use them. You need to use the right hashtags in all of your posts so that the right content reaches to the potential customers and followers. Try to be strategic regarding the words you use as the hashtags. Many studies have proved that by using three to six hashtags can lead to more optimized profiles.
All of your hashtags required to be very descriptive about your brand or company and needed to be present there along with the photo and video you post.
For instance, if you own a cosmetic company, you can use the hashtags like #RedLipStick, #beauty #GreenLinear,
Unlike to what people normally think, making use of the hashtags which are already included in thousands of the posts, may lower the chances of your photos to be seen and attracted by the less number of the users. If you use the less number of hashtags but descriptive ones, which are already mentioned in fewer posts, then it will make your photos to be viewed by many people who are looking for the peculiar hashtags.
Consider about using ad tools
If you are able to afford the paid ads, then the Instagram ad tools are the best option. The sponsored ads which you present to your audience linked with your company is the powerful and quick ways to reach the new and potential followers on your account.
Besides using the ad tools, there are other tools which are very efficient and effective for raising the number of followers on your account like Vibbi, that lets you buy real Instagram likes and followers at reasonable rates.. With the help of these tools, you can make you profile the best marketing place for your business.
In above articles, few of the most effective tips were mentioned which can be used to achieve the targeted followers on your Instagram account, but it’s not just about the number. For any social media network, the main thing which matters is the strategy.
If you use the tips and instructions correctly, you can get your target on this visual-based platform very easily and make your brand successful in the world of business.

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