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10 Viral YouTube Tricks that everyone using except You!

The ever changing era of technology world has given us a number of amazing apps. These apps will connect us to globally regardless wherever we’re. Furthermore, it has made our lives easier as we can message, watch videos, news, movies, music and plenty to do more. To watch out, the one and only site that comes to our mind is YouTube that is seamless, smooth, and even friendly. Here we are going to talk about YouTube Tricks And Hacks.
We’re so familiar with this website, nevertheless a few exquisite YouTube Tricks are still ignored out. Let us see what it has to offer us:

1. Make GIF from any video: Just add “GIF” in front of a YouTube URL where you can set the length of GIF and can add the caption.


Youtube tricks 2016youtube video to gif
2. Turn YouTube into Karaoke: Musixmatch, a free chrome extension that spread lyrics on top of music videos.


Youtube tricks and hacks 2016
3. Disable autoplay:  On the top right side the button is placed, click on it to disable. As on click the slider color modifications from blue to gray. In theater mode the button is on  the right just below the video player.



youtube tricks and hacks


4. Keyboard shortcuts: A few useful shortcut buttons that will help you while watching the video:

k: pause/play,  l- fast forward 10 seconds,  j- rewind 10 seconds, m – mute, number 0 – beginning of the video, number 1 to 9- jump to 10% to 90%, + = make the font bigger, - make the font smaller.

5. Play videos on your TV: You can watch videos on your TV from your mobile device, keep Wi Fi on. Do the following steps, firstly you must sign in then open YouTube app on your Tv or gaming console and move to Go to Settings in YouTube app your TV and select pair device and enter the code into Once your device is paired click on the icon to start playing YouTube videos on your TV.

Youtube tricks 2016 latest


6. Save videos for later: If you are not willing to watch video now you have the option to watch later. Click on Add to > watch later. On mobile tap the menu button> watch later. Another option is find search result and tap on the three button option > Watch later.


youtube tricks and hacks


7. Share videos at the specific time: To share a video, click right or ctrl + click on the video to share at a certain time.


youtube tricks 2016


8. Record The mp3 of Youtube videos : You can record youtube videos in  mp3 by using a web services and download it.


youtube tricks 2016



9. Create a playlist with sound cloud and vimeo: You can enjoy a combination of  YouTube videos, SoundCloud tracks and vimeo videos on the playlist through


youtube hacks latest 2016
10. Just add a simple 'ss' in the URL after www and before YouTube to download YouTube videos instantly.

[caption id="attachment_806" align="aligncenter" width="1265"]Youtube tricks and hacks Download instantly from youtube.[/caption]

Youtube video download hacks


I think the above mentioned points about YouTube Tricks And Hacks are  beneficial. So now what are you waiting for, take the advantage of it and enjoy watching videos. If you are still searching for more option then 24 Tech Support is the best site.Laptop Repair Service at Home is the place where you can get better service.

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