Wednesday, 13 April 2016

10 Amazing PC Tricks & Tips No One Told You Before!

The magic is here! Learn an amazing PC/Internet tricks, which  no one has told you before, but now the professional experts, who work for Computer Services in Gurgaon will teach you.

#Trick 1: Want to know your friend’s password? View the hidden password in the browser itself!Pc tricks


#Trick 2: Create a folder with the name given below and access everything you want to!

Pc tricks


#Trick 3: Play mp3, movie directly on chrome browser, just drag the files in chrome window!

Computer tricks


#Trick 4: Do you want your accounts permanently deleted? Delete it from the websites!

Computer Tricks


#Trick 5: Paste image url directly to open it and edit in paint!

PC tricks


#Trick 6: Now create a book with cool index pages and contents of the Wikipedia article!

Computer tricks
#Trick 7: Directly close a tab by just doing a middle click on the tab!



#Trick 8: Use your PC calculator for EMI calculation and many more scientific stuffpc tricks

#Trick 9: Delete complete one word at one time. Just do CTRL+ Backspace!

PC tricks



#Trick 10: Hack and start using  Airport Wi-Fi By Adding “? .Jpg” at the end of the url!

pc tricks
These PC Tricks are wonderful to learn and practice more in this computerized world. To learn more about the tricks and Computer Tips, contact the experts of 24 Tech Support today and increase your tricky skills.


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