Thursday, 7 January 2016

Is Your Laptop Not Charging? Follow These Simple Steps---

Working on a laptop and in the meantime you find a low battery sign on your desktop, sometimes makes you little riled. But, you need to get up from your place and plugged the laptop charge in.

What if you found that your laptop is not getting charged? No glowing lights, No brightened display. This will make you more annoyed! You will keep thinking, What went wrong? Why it is not working? What should I do now?

Well, not to worry! You will find all your answers in this blog.

It’s all about troubleshooting. So get ready for this-

1. Have You Plugged In?

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It’s silly, but we need to make sure that the charger is plugged in or not. This will make you sure that the fault is with powering the laptop not just the user error.

2. Lose The Battery From The Laptop

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To check the integrity of your laptop, remove the battery and place it back. If the laptop gets on, it means the issue is with likely a bum battery.

3. Breaks, Burnout, and Shorts

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Check the connections properly. Make sure, there is no breakage at the end of any connection.

4. Check the Connector

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Make sure that the connection is fairly solid. If you found that it is wobbly or loose, then you need to repair it because the power jack may have broken inside the chassis.

5. Beat the Heat: Heating problem can be one of the issues of battery problems. Give some time to your laptop to get cool and then try connecting again.

6. Swap Out the Cord and the Battery: If you don’t find any solution, make a decision to replace your power cable and replace the battery too.
Note- Do the replacement when you find the current match of the voltage and specifications of the equipment your laptop came with.

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