Monday, 11 January 2016

Five General Printing Issues, You Can Resolve Yourself!

Printers are the most maddening quirks. But the truth is, we can’t live without them even if they trouble us! As we all want our printers in the working stage, it is better to list the issues and find the solutions.

Here is the list of most five general printer issues in which your issue may vary. And, of course! Ways to fix the issues which you can resolve yourself.

Issue 1: Printing Is Too Slow

Printing Slow Printer Repairing

Improve the printer performance and reduce the printing quality for daily output to save ink in the process. Every printer model has its own settings, but here is the configuration of the most windows apps to switch to draft-printing mode. All you need to do is, Select Print and Properties and peek for a setting that reduces the quality of printing. Change the default setting normal to fast draft.

Issue 2: Ink costs too much

Printer Ink Cost

For this issue, the cost-saving solution is to purchase the new high-capacity cartridge. If your printing work is too much, then you should carry an ink cartridge with a 250-plus page yield, or you can also opt for a toner cartridge with a 2,000-plus page yield.

Issue 3: Windows Is Sending Print Jobs To The Wrong Printer

Wrong Commend to printer

This is the common issue which happened to everyone. To fix this issue, Windows 7 users need to click Start and Select the option- Devices And Printers. Look for printers and faxes, then right click the printer you want to make as default and finally Set as default printer.

Issue 4: Printing Is Light, Too Spotty, And Have Horizontal Lines

Printer Light and Spotty

This Issue Arises When You Use An Inkjet Printer Infrequently. Here Is The Solution:

Go To Start Menu

Click Devices And Printers Or Control Panel

Look For Your Printer's Utility App

Issue 5: Fit More Text On One Page

Page Set Up For Printer

It’s good to fix this issue, as it saves money because the text is being fitted on one page instead of two. Make the settings be selecting Print and Properties option, and then peek for a printer setting that allows you to increase the number of pages per sheet.

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