Thursday, 21 January 2016

Don't Miss Out: Free Diagnostics & Solutions For Printer

There are varieties of printers available in the market with excellent productions and they all provide quality printing services in the home or work environment. The best part about printers is that the issues we face can be easily troubleshot.

Today’s blog is all about printers, in which the common issues are jotted and free solutions are listed. So, here are the ways of troubleshooting the problems associated with the common printers and their Cartridges.

#Printer Jam:


The most known issues of the printer. The most common problem we all face with the printer is an accumulation of dust. Along with this, another reason can be low quality paper.

Solution: Take out some time to clean the components regularly and change them after a period of time.

#Driver Problems:

Driver Problems

The other problem you might face is driver error. Most of the time user see for a message that appears on the screen saying, "Cannot find the driver for the operating system". The main reason of this issue ism, new operating system needs new drivers instead of the old ones. This problem can be easily troubleshot as, it is a software problem.

Solution: To fix this issue, load the new software that is compatible with the new operating system.

#No Printing:

No Printing

You may have also encountered the problem of “No Print”. You give the command print, but found no printout. The reason behind this is that the cartridge must be empty or the cartridge head might be clogged.

Solution: Get your cartridges refilled or buy a brand new cartridge. And for the clog issue, easily unclog your cartridge head with the help of the tools provided with the printer.

#Ink Cartridge problem:

Ink Cartridge problem

This is a very common issue. All you need to do is, get the cartridge filled instead of buying the new one. As, buying a new cartridge will cost you more. It is also recommended to use the cartridge of your brand printer.

So, I hope these tips are useful for you to follow. Try these troubleshooting techniques to solve all these problems and if you get fail, approach 24 Tech Support as they will help you in providing Printer Repair in Gurgaon. Keep in mind all the instructions given and you will never encounter any problem with your printer.

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