Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Computer Running Slow- 3 Easiest Ways To Make It Faster!

For any hard situation, we try to find out the easiest solution. So as, we have to do for our slow system! If your system is running slow, you have to find out the easiest ways to resolve your issue. What are the actual things you can do to make your system work fast? Think over it! Do you find any solution?

Ok, you don’t stress your mind, continue reading this blog to find the 3 easiest ways.

Way 1:

The most useful way to speed up your system is “Uninstall Unwanted Programs”. It is the easiest way that you can think of! What actually happens, you have installed many unwanted softwares which are of no use and they keep on running in the background to eats up valuable system resources such as the computer's memory and CPU.

So, if you uninstall your non- needed programs, your system will get relieved from the strain. And moreover, it will also free up some hard drive space.

How To Uninstall The Program?


Click on-


You will see the complete list of installed programs in your system.

Way 2:

The second way is to “Remove Unwanted File”. Do you know? Your system’s hard drive is the main reason of your slow PC.

The windows installed in your system, scans your PC with all the files stored. This will make your PC slower because the more files in the system, the more system resources it will take to scan. So, browse your hard drive completely and remove all the unwanted files which are of no use.

People usually delete the files by sending them into the recycle bin. Be clear! This will not help you to improve the performance of your system.

Tip: To permanently delete the file from the system, select the file and then hold SHIFT and then press DELETE.

Remove Unwanted File

 Way 3:

The last thing you can do is, “Clean Your Registry”. You can call this as the central database of your system, where all your computer's settings and options are stored.

Do you know? Every second you use your PC, Windows adds and removes files from it.

Now you must be thinking, where the problem lies? Actually the files stored in your database, when get corrupted or lost, slow down the PC and also shows a load of errors.

How To Fix It?

Clean Your Registry

Click on-

START > RUN and then typing "reg edit"

Sometimes it can be extremely complicated. So, it is recommended to use an automated registry cleaner tool.

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