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7 Solutions To Prevent Computer Overheating - Keep Your Computer Cool!

What if you get high temperature? You have to face many issues with your body!

Will you survive with this or you will look up for the solutions?

Obviously! You will look for an alternative to get treated and make yourself in fine situation.

Likewise, your computer does need the treatment which is known as troubleshooting in IT language. Too much heating problem in your system will create many problems in the system and a lot of work will get affected. When your system will get heated above 35 degrees Celsius, the chances of damaging important internal components will get increased rapidly.

Do you know the main cause of heating issues in the system?

It is an inflation of dust inside the PC!

There are many other reasons of heating issue in your system, but how will you get to know the exact issue and the solution? Here in this document, you will find seven solutions to prevent computer overheating.

Solution 1: Remove The Cover To Test The Computer

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Before testing the computer, first turn off the system and unplug the power cable. Then secondly, remove the side panels from the computer so that you can completely expose inside the system. After removing the panels, turn it on and use a software program to check if the issue occurs again.

If the issue goes away, it indicates that the system is probably building heating inside the computer case.

If it doesn’t go away, there is no heating issue.

Solution 2: On Troubleshooting Heat Issues, Verify That The Computer Fans Are Operational

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With the power on, look for the fan movement inside the CPU. If it is not moving or producing loud growling noise, you need to replace the fan. Similarly, look for the other fans too. Working your computer with non-functioning fans can damage other important components as they are producing high heat.

Solution 3: Clean The System

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It is mandatory to clean the dust from inside the computer. Make sure to take a soft cloth for cleaning the system. Don’t make a use of vacuum cleaner to do so. It can damage the other parts of the PC.

Now, power on the system back and check if the issue is resolved. If not, continue with the next solution.

Solution 4: Maintain Proper Space For Ventilation

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By keeping the computer upright and on a sturdy level surface, provide 6 inches of clearance in front and back of the system. This will help in the proper workstation operation.

Solution 5: Keep Your System In Cool Place

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Maybe this solution can easily resolve your issue. Try to keep your system in the cool room of a house or an office and check the results.

Solution 6: Update The BIOS

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If you know your current version of BIOS, then look for an updated or new version of the BIOS available on your brand website. If it is available, update your older version of BIOS with the new one.

Solution 7: Install An Extra Fan To The CPU For Resolving Heating Issue

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You can install an additional fan to the CPU. You can visit at any local computer store to buy it. If the installation of an additional fan does not resolve the issue, then your system may require the help of expert technician who can get the issue resolved.

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