Thursday, 28 January 2016

How To Fix A Laptop That Won't Start? Best Troubleshooting Tips

If your laptop does not start, try to fix the problem instead of being worried. There are many possible techniques to fix the laptop issues at home and you don’t need to take it at the repair center if you can learn them all. So, let’s start with certain troubleshooting steps by assuming some situations and know their ways to fix the problem.

Problem 1: The situation is too awful when you see that your laptop appears to be dead. What did you do at that time? You suddenly plug the AC adapter to switch on your laptop. What if you found that, there is no power light, hard drive light, battery charge light, etc.

power issue with the motherboard

Solution: The first step you need to do is to check the AC adapter. In most of the cases, the issue is with adapter. After checking the adapter, if you found it in working condition, then it indicates that it's the power issue with the motherboard. So, the solution is, you need to get it replaced.

Problem 2: You plug the AC adapter and found the power LED and battery charge LED light up, but on pressing the power button, your laptop doesn’t start.

take away the battery from the laptop

Solution: It is obvious that your AC adapter is fine, as you can see the power LED lights up. So, the first thing you need to do is, take away the battery from the laptop and wait for 1-2 minutes. Then again put the battery in and try to start the laptop again. May be your laptop starts working again.

If this trick doesn’t work, the issue could me related to memory. For this, you need to reset the memory module. Remove it from the slot placed on the motherboard and after that install it back to the slot. Try this with both the memory modules one by one. If one of the slots of memory module doesn’t work, replace it with the other one.

Problem 3: The laptop makes a series or short, on pressing the power button. It means, you can not see any video on the screen.

video problem

Solution: This problem has the same solution as described in problem 2. The beep issue is mostly because of the failure of the memory.

Problem 4: On starting the laptop, you see no video on the screen, but the laptop is booting normally as it does and hard drive lights also flashes.


Solution: To know the issue, test your laptop with an external monitor and see if it works fine. If it is working fine, then the issue is inside the laptop display assembly.

Problem 5: Your laptop is working, but you see lines, strange characters or any other defects on the video screen.

not see any video on the screen.

Solution: The problem lies with the laptop LCD screen, video cable, graphics card or motherboard. This issue can be easily resolved by the experts if you make a visit to Cheap Laptop Repair Services in Gurgaon.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Computer Running Slow- 3 Easiest Ways To Make It Faster!

For any hard situation, we try to find out the easiest solution. So as, we have to do for our slow system! If your system is running slow, you have to find out the easiest ways to resolve your issue. What are the actual things you can do to make your system work fast? Think over it! Do you find any solution?

Ok, you don’t stress your mind, continue reading this blog to find the 3 easiest ways.

Way 1:

The most useful way to speed up your system is “Uninstall Unwanted Programs”. It is the easiest way that you can think of! What actually happens, you have installed many unwanted softwares which are of no use and they keep on running in the background to eats up valuable system resources such as the computer's memory and CPU.

So, if you uninstall your non- needed programs, your system will get relieved from the strain. And moreover, it will also free up some hard drive space.

How To Uninstall The Program?


Click on-


You will see the complete list of installed programs in your system.

Way 2:

The second way is to “Remove Unwanted File”. Do you know? Your system’s hard drive is the main reason of your slow PC.

The windows installed in your system, scans your PC with all the files stored. This will make your PC slower because the more files in the system, the more system resources it will take to scan. So, browse your hard drive completely and remove all the unwanted files which are of no use.

People usually delete the files by sending them into the recycle bin. Be clear! This will not help you to improve the performance of your system.

Tip: To permanently delete the file from the system, select the file and then hold SHIFT and then press DELETE.

Remove Unwanted File

 Way 3:

The last thing you can do is, “Clean Your Registry”. You can call this as the central database of your system, where all your computer's settings and options are stored.

Do you know? Every second you use your PC, Windows adds and removes files from it.

Now you must be thinking, where the problem lies? Actually the files stored in your database, when get corrupted or lost, slow down the PC and also shows a load of errors.

How To Fix It?

Clean Your Registry

Click on-

START > RUN and then typing "reg edit"

Sometimes it can be extremely complicated. So, it is recommended to use an automated registry cleaner tool.

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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Don't Miss Out: Free Diagnostics & Solutions For Printer

There are varieties of printers available in the market with excellent productions and they all provide quality printing services in the home or work environment. The best part about printers is that the issues we face can be easily troubleshot.

Today’s blog is all about printers, in which the common issues are jotted and free solutions are listed. So, here are the ways of troubleshooting the problems associated with the common printers and their Cartridges.

#Printer Jam:


The most known issues of the printer. The most common problem we all face with the printer is an accumulation of dust. Along with this, another reason can be low quality paper.

Solution: Take out some time to clean the components regularly and change them after a period of time.

#Driver Problems:

Driver Problems

The other problem you might face is driver error. Most of the time user see for a message that appears on the screen saying, "Cannot find the driver for the operating system". The main reason of this issue ism, new operating system needs new drivers instead of the old ones. This problem can be easily troubleshot as, it is a software problem.

Solution: To fix this issue, load the new software that is compatible with the new operating system.

#No Printing:

No Printing

You may have also encountered the problem of “No Print”. You give the command print, but found no printout. The reason behind this is that the cartridge must be empty or the cartridge head might be clogged.

Solution: Get your cartridges refilled or buy a brand new cartridge. And for the clog issue, easily unclog your cartridge head with the help of the tools provided with the printer.

#Ink Cartridge problem:

Ink Cartridge problem

This is a very common issue. All you need to do is, get the cartridge filled instead of buying the new one. As, buying a new cartridge will cost you more. It is also recommended to use the cartridge of your brand printer.

So, I hope these tips are useful for you to follow. Try these troubleshooting techniques to solve all these problems and if you get fail, approach 24 Tech Support as they will help you in providing Printer Repair in Gurgaon. Keep in mind all the instructions given and you will never encounter any problem with your printer.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Consider 4 Main Factors Before Hiring Laptop Specialist!

This is yours laptop! You owned it for yourself! Right? So will you permit yourself not to pay attention to your laptop as it requires proper maintenance?

Of course you won’t do that! If you got your laptop damaged or you may encounter any problem, you will definitely seek for the finest computer repair service. But how you are going to make judgements that the laptop service you choose is vital?

Well, to overcome such issue, this document has been prepared for you so that, you can think about once before selecting for a repair service. Consider these factors:


Laptop repair in gurgoan

The main factor to be considered! Whenever you visit the computer repair centre, try to know the exact worth of laptop repair. May be your centre is providing you the free service for the first repair. And if you are not getting the free service, still ask them the cost of repair. This will help you a lot, as you can compare costs of the different laptop repair centres. So, doing this will charge you less because you will opt for the service from the low price centre only.

Warranty Period:

laptop repair in Gurgaon

Choose a company for the service who gives you the warranty that the parts they repair will last for a long time. Take the reviews from other corporations to test whether their previous services for the clients are really satisfied? If their reviews are good, then opt for the service else look for another one.


laptop repair in Gurgaon

Service by an expert is worthy! Ask about the technical background of the technicians who will work on computer repair. It is very important to know that the technicians who are working their has specialized training or not. Choose the service centre with professional technicians and has years of experience in the line of repairing. This will give you the best service and you will never regret on your decision!


laptop repair in Gurgaon

Know your compatibility first! If the service you choose is convenient to you or not. Make out some analysis to test that the type of service you want can be expected from them? If you are satisfied with your analysis, go for it!.

So are you ready to check out for skilled and reliable Laptop Repair Service in Gurgaon? Come, let me take you to one of the most adequate support service company, which is very familiar to everyone and known as 24 Tech Support. This is the best alternative and fine solution to get your laptop repaired at a reasonable price.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Computer Basics: Strategies for Troubleshooting Computer Faults

Working with your computer and suddenly your screen goes blank! You are not able to close an application! Can't hear any sound from your speakers!

Are these things happening with your system? Oh, Yes! Okay..

Well, first you take long breathe and don’t get panic, as these problems are not a big deal and can easily be troubleshoot. In this document, you are going to grab many basic troubleshooting techniques, which you can use to fix your such issues.

Strategy 1: Take a long breath and say, “Yes, I can fix this issue” and- Get into 'State'

computer repair in Gurgaon

Firstly, it’s nothing more than important to believe in yourself, that you can solve this problem! So after this, all you have to do is, take 5 seconds to get into 'state'. Visualize another problem you solved previously, remember the bliss you felt when beat it.

Have you locked this in your mind? I hope yes!

Now let me share the practical advices, I expect you will try these methods at your home and fix the common computer software issues.

Strategy 2: Gather Information!

Little description can help to solve bigger problems. If you will gather all the related information, your half of the problem will get solved, because you will get half of the solution. Try collecting the symptoms, triggers your brain to start searching for causes. Make a note of the causes you find to make yourself prepared for other strategies.

Hardware failure

computer repair in Gurgaon

Ask questions…

  • Which components are dead?

  • Which components still work?

  • Check lights e.g. Modem, disk, NIC.

  • Check cables, e.g. network, power supply.

  • How many computers are affected?

Software failure

computer repair in Gurgaon

  • Which programs are affected?

  • Is the Word Spell checker operational?

  • Which programs still work?

  • Can you send emails to another internal user at your site?

Strategy 3: Assemble Your Software Tools

computer repair in Gurgaon

  • Event Viewer

  • Google and TechNet

  • Task Manager

  • Network Monitor

  • Event Viewer

  • Windows Server 2003 Help - especially Troubleshooters

Strategy 4: Develop a Theory

Note down the list of all possible causes and ask the questions to yourself!

Example: The system is running slow, like, someone crawled in through a window and stole the RAM chip, or a virus / malware program has taken over your PC.

So, it’s better to search for variations of your problem with Google, if your problem exists than google will provide you the relevant references.

Strategy 5: Be Analytical When You Test Your Theories

Learn from the professional experts, list the causes, possible solutions, draw diagrams and therefore, create theories for the basic causes, but change only one item at a time.

If you still feel, getting service done by the Computer Repair experts is the better choice, contact the most likely experts in Gurgaon and explain the problem to watch out their problem killing skills.

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Five General Printing Issues, You Can Resolve Yourself!

Printers are the most maddening quirks. But the truth is, we can’t live without them even if they trouble us! As we all want our printers in the working stage, it is better to list the issues and find the solutions.

Here is the list of most five general printer issues in which your issue may vary. And, of course! Ways to fix the issues which you can resolve yourself.

Issue 1: Printing Is Too Slow

Printing Slow Printer Repairing

Improve the printer performance and reduce the printing quality for daily output to save ink in the process. Every printer model has its own settings, but here is the configuration of the most windows apps to switch to draft-printing mode. All you need to do is, Select Print and Properties and peek for a setting that reduces the quality of printing. Change the default setting normal to fast draft.

Issue 2: Ink costs too much

Printer Ink Cost

For this issue, the cost-saving solution is to purchase the new high-capacity cartridge. If your printing work is too much, then you should carry an ink cartridge with a 250-plus page yield, or you can also opt for a toner cartridge with a 2,000-plus page yield.

Issue 3: Windows Is Sending Print Jobs To The Wrong Printer

Wrong Commend to printer

This is the common issue which happened to everyone. To fix this issue, Windows 7 users need to click Start and Select the option- Devices And Printers. Look for printers and faxes, then right click the printer you want to make as default and finally Set as default printer.

Issue 4: Printing Is Light, Too Spotty, And Have Horizontal Lines

Printer Light and Spotty

This Issue Arises When You Use An Inkjet Printer Infrequently. Here Is The Solution:

Go To Start Menu

Click Devices And Printers Or Control Panel

Look For Your Printer's Utility App

Issue 5: Fit More Text On One Page

Page Set Up For Printer

It’s good to fix this issue, as it saves money because the text is being fitted on one page instead of two. Make the settings be selecting Print and Properties option, and then peek for a printer setting that allows you to increase the number of pages per sheet.

If you want your printer issues fixed from the technical professionals, it is recommendable to avail the Printer Repair Services in Gurgaon. For more details, contact 24 Tech Support to fix it technically. It’s probably the best choice to pick!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Is Your Laptop Not Charging? Follow These Simple Steps---

Working on a laptop and in the meantime you find a low battery sign on your desktop, sometimes makes you little riled. But, you need to get up from your place and plugged the laptop charge in.

What if you found that your laptop is not getting charged? No glowing lights, No brightened display. This will make you more annoyed! You will keep thinking, What went wrong? Why it is not working? What should I do now?

Well, not to worry! You will find all your answers in this blog.

It’s all about troubleshooting. So get ready for this-

1. Have You Plugged In?

Laptop Repair in Gurgaon

It’s silly, but we need to make sure that the charger is plugged in or not. This will make you sure that the fault is with powering the laptop not just the user error.

2. Lose The Battery From The Laptop

Laptop Repair in Gurgaon

To check the integrity of your laptop, remove the battery and place it back. If the laptop gets on, it means the issue is with likely a bum battery.

3. Breaks, Burnout, and Shorts

Laptop Repair in Gurgaon

Check the connections properly. Make sure, there is no breakage at the end of any connection.

4. Check the Connector

Laptop Repair in Gurgaon

Make sure that the connection is fairly solid. If you found that it is wobbly or loose, then you need to repair it because the power jack may have broken inside the chassis.

5. Beat the Heat: Heating problem can be one of the issues of battery problems. Give some time to your laptop to get cool and then try connecting again.

6. Swap Out the Cord and the Battery: If you don’t find any solution, make a decision to replace your power cable and replace the battery too.
Note- Do the replacement when you find the current match of the voltage and specifications of the equipment your laptop came with.

For any technical help from the IT professionals, contact to 24 Tech Support which provides online support. They also provide service for Laptop Repair in Gurgaon, which is a highly rewarding investment that you will never regret making.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

7 Solutions To Prevent Computer Overheating - Keep Your Computer Cool!

What if you get high temperature? You have to face many issues with your body!

Will you survive with this or you will look up for the solutions?

Obviously! You will look for an alternative to get treated and make yourself in fine situation.

Likewise, your computer does need the treatment which is known as troubleshooting in IT language. Too much heating problem in your system will create many problems in the system and a lot of work will get affected. When your system will get heated above 35 degrees Celsius, the chances of damaging important internal components will get increased rapidly.

Do you know the main cause of heating issues in the system?

It is an inflation of dust inside the PC!

There are many other reasons of heating issue in your system, but how will you get to know the exact issue and the solution? Here in this document, you will find seven solutions to prevent computer overheating.

Solution 1: Remove The Cover To Test The Computer

Computer repair services in Gurgaon

Before testing the computer, first turn off the system and unplug the power cable. Then secondly, remove the side panels from the computer so that you can completely expose inside the system. After removing the panels, turn it on and use a software program to check if the issue occurs again.

If the issue goes away, it indicates that the system is probably building heating inside the computer case.

If it doesn’t go away, there is no heating issue.

Solution 2: On Troubleshooting Heat Issues, Verify That The Computer Fans Are Operational

Computer repair in Gurgaon

With the power on, look for the fan movement inside the CPU. If it is not moving or producing loud growling noise, you need to replace the fan. Similarly, look for the other fans too. Working your computer with non-functioning fans can damage other important components as they are producing high heat.

Solution 3: Clean The System

Computer Repair in Gurgaon

It is mandatory to clean the dust from inside the computer. Make sure to take a soft cloth for cleaning the system. Don’t make a use of vacuum cleaner to do so. It can damage the other parts of the PC.

Now, power on the system back and check if the issue is resolved. If not, continue with the next solution.

Solution 4: Maintain Proper Space For Ventilation

computer repair in gurgaon

By keeping the computer upright and on a sturdy level surface, provide 6 inches of clearance in front and back of the system. This will help in the proper workstation operation.

Solution 5: Keep Your System In Cool Place

Computer Repair in Gurgaon

Maybe this solution can easily resolve your issue. Try to keep your system in the cool room of a house or an office and check the results.

Solution 6: Update The BIOS

Computer Repair in Gurgaon

If you know your current version of BIOS, then look for an updated or new version of the BIOS available on your brand website. If it is available, update your older version of BIOS with the new one.

Solution 7: Install An Extra Fan To The CPU For Resolving Heating Issue

Computer Repair in Gurgaon

You can install an additional fan to the CPU. You can visit at any local computer store to buy it. If the installation of an additional fan does not resolve the issue, then your system may require the help of expert technician who can get the issue resolved.

In that case, think 24 Tech support to get the solution for Computer Repair Services In Gurgaon. You can find the service centres in the famous cities of Gurgaon like: South City 1-2, DLF, Udyog Vihar, Cyber City, Golf Course Road.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Are You Looking For a Trustworthy On-site Laptop Repair Technicians?

Laptop has a very relevant role in the medium of business, communication and social interactions. People now have more interest in laptops than desktop computers. So they used to spend a plenty of time on the laptops and this results the laptop to get into restless mode. The laptop needs proper maintenance to be done so that the work goes with a flow. And you too want that, Right?

So, the situation may arrive that you face the critical situation and you urgently may require Laptop Repair Service in Gurgaon. But, how will you find the best one service available? How will you come to know about the services they offer? For this, you need to put little more efforts to determine the best service centre available for you that can give you the best results you ever had.

So, before you rush to any laptop repair, try to query about each and every service they offer and know the reviews. Here are some of the example questions that you should ask before you make a final choice.

What are the other alternatives to get the laptop repaired?
Will you secure my data?
What are your services?
How much will you cost?
What is your expertise in laptop repair?

These questions will make you satisfied that the service provider you are looking for is a trust worthy or not. For better option, you should visit 24Tech Support !

This is the most trustworthy service provider for Laptop Repair on MG Road and moreover you will also find out it in the Cyber City, Udyog Vihar and Golf Course Road.
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