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Laptop Common Hardware Problems and solutions - A How to Fix Guide!

Being a complicated machine with a multiple of devices interlined and working in perfect coordination, your laptop is just like the human body. The machine can disrupt at any moment. The centers for laptop repair Gurgaon handles tons of such laptop hardware problems every week.They have come with a list of laptop common hardware problems and solutions.

So, according to them, following are the most common laptop hardware problems:

1. Laptop is not starting: One morning, you may face this problem. Starting a laptop is as easy as pushing a doorbell. The artificial intelligence put into the machine does the rest. But, if it is not opening even after pushing the start button, you can undertake the following actions:

How to fix this laptop common hardware problems #1
 Attach the charger cable and put on the switch, maybe you’ve not noticed that the battery charge is completely exhausted.
 Press the “start button” a little bit hard, maybe it is disturbed someway.
 If the opening signal is okay, the monitor may require some repair. In such circumstances, you need to call an expert who understands better the laptop hardware problems and solutions.

2. Laptop is turning off and on automatically: In this problem from our list of laptop common hardware problems, the laptop once started, starts to turn off and on without any logical reason. It remains completely out of your control. The problems may be due to overheating of the machines or a motherboard failure. In such circumstance, you may need to change the motherboard, or check whether the internal fan is moving or not.

laptop common hardware problems and solutions
3. Laptop is making unusual noise while running - In older laptops it is a common problem. It constantly makes a rattling or grinding noise at very low pitch, otherwise it is working perfectly. In most of the cases, the noise comes from the cooling fan, as dust piles up onto it with time. Cleaning the fan may resolve the problems. If the sound is due to any damage to the hard drive, then you may require it to replace.

Laptop common hardware problems and solution

4. Laptop freezes or shuts down all of a sudden: This problem is an annoying one, and may hamper your job a lot. You may have noticed that in such situation, the bottom of the laptop heats up unnaturally and the cooling fan may run faster. It is an issue solely related to the heat sink of the machine. As dust stores, up in huge quantities in the heat sink, the processor can’t cool down properly. As a result, the machine is over heated leading to a sudden stoppage of the processor. It is better to contact a repair center like the laptop repair center Gurgaon for solving the issue.

laptop hardware troubleshooting

5. Image is distorted or jumbled: The problem is visible only after the machine is turned on. This problem may be due to the failure of graphic card, poor connection between the monitor and the CPU. The problem can be sorted out by changing the graphic card. If it still persists, then the cables are to be checked thoroughly to fix the issue.

laptop hadware problems and solutions

An experienced technician knows how to fix the hardware problem in the laptop and make it work once again. So, it is always feasible to consult an Laptop Repair Services expert if you don’t have a good idea about the complete hardware system.

Friday, 7 October 2016

How to repair flickering of laptop screen?

How to repair flickering of laptop screen?

Flickering laptop screen is a common problem, particularly, if the laptop is getting older and it is used for a long time at a stretch. Undoubtedly, flickering screen is not good for your eyes, and in many occasions, it severely hampers the work-in-progress. The centers for laptop repair in Gurgaon often get their clients’ calls with flickering laptop screen problem. There are different types of flickers found in the laptops. Some of these flickers appear for a short period, some are for a pretty long period and many others are persisting as long as the laptop remain open.

How to fix flickering laptop screen?

Depending on the problems and sources of those problems, technicians fix flickering of laptop screen. Before contacting a repair center, you can try these following steps to fix the issue or at least to understand the source of the issue –

Step 1 – If the machine is flickering for the first time, shutdown immediately, takeout all the removable external devices and jacks. Take out the battery, clean it, if necessary and then reset it. Now, turn on the laptop. If the problem is still persisting, then follow the next steps.

fix laptop screen flickering

Step 2 – Sometimes flicker may occur due to any device in the vicinity of the laptop. A LCD screen is too sensitive to the magnetic field created by electronics devices. So, move away the speakers, mobile phones, TV and radio to see if the flickering is stopped.

Step 3 – If the above steps have not stopped the flicker, then you may need to update your graphic card drivers. As per the experienced technicians in Gurgaon, this is the most common cause of flickers. You can update the graphic card drivers from the ‘Hardware and Sound’ in the control panel. You may need to download the latest video driver and BIOS from the company’s official website for this purpose. If this step seems complicated; you can contact a popular center for laptop repair in Gurgaon.

Step 4 – To double check, whether the problem is in the LCD or in the hardware, you may connect your laptop with another monitor. If the screen of the external monitor doesn’t flicker, then the problem is solely related to the hardware of the laptop. This problem can be fixed by an expert technician only

Step 5 –If the above mentioned steps couldn’t change the flicker of your laptop, you may need to open up the screen. In such situation, it is feasible to contact an expert laptop repair center in Gurgaon to fix the issue. Expert technicians know how to repair flickering of laptop screen properly so that the problem does not arise in near future.

Other problems behind flickering

Your laptop display may be flickering due to software problems or any permanent hardware damage. The faulty electric supply sometimes creates such issue too. If any hardware is damaged permanently, it needs to be replaced immediately.
In any case, flickering laptop screen is not a complicated issue. It needs timely intervention from an expert, so that the problem may be fixed from its very root.

For further more reading on this visit Laptop Repair Services

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Tips to Install and Play Pokemon Go In India

Tips to Install and Play Pokemon Go In India

Pokémon Go is created by Niantic and has become one of the most admired and widely played games in the recent times. People of all age groups are going gaga over this game and search desperately over the internet to get Pokemon Go Tips. While this game has attained great fame in North America, Europe even in Asian countries, like India its impact is irresistible.

Gradually people are going addictive to this game and look for ways to begin their gaming journey by downloading on their devices. Pokémon Go has received great feedback and is played with eagerness by Indian Mobile Phone users. Steps to Install Pokemon Go in India are quite simple and this game works greatly on varied interfaces. The game can be downloaded online since it isn’t yet available in Google Play Store of India!

Here in this article, we will discuss some useful ways to install and Play Pokemon Go in India.Following these simple steps will help gamers to get this game on their mobile phones in minutes:

Steps to install Pokemon Go on Android Smartphones:
1. Android users have the option to download Pokémon Go APK file. Always ensure that the site from which the file is being downloaded is reliable and transmit no virus in the phone
2. Before you install the APK File, you need to make some alternations in your phone setting panel, which will favor easy installation of Pokémon Go.
3. Enter the Setting, then to Security and Check the option of “installation of apps from unknown sources”. This will help you download the Pokémon Go APK File without problems.

install pokemon go in india

Steps to install Pokemon Go on Apple iOS Phones:

• To begin with, just log out from the Apple ID; now go to play store and reach free apps/games section.
• Here ion you will required to login; opt to create a new ID which will require fresh details
• Go ahead and fill your details along with adding your location in the Address Section, except India
• As soon as you will click on done and sign in with your new created ID to install Pokémon Go.

All these steps are going smoothen your game downloading and using experience. For game lovers, now installing and playing Pokemon Go in India is relatively simpler on both android and Apple IOS platforms. Be assured that these methods will keep your smartphone safe, provided you follow these steps correctly. Enjoy your gaming!

Saturday, 3 September 2016

10 Awesome ways to get yourself a laptop virus and hacked!

Hackers are trying to hack your account and grab your personal information relentlessly. If one process is failing, they are seizing another opportunity with a new innovation to hack your account in some other ways.
This time don’t think from a laptop owner’s perspective, rather look from a hacker’s angle. It will enable you to understand what they actually think and do, so that you could take your stance against it more easily.

Here are 10 awesome ways to get laptop virus and hacked -
1.    Using same password repetitively - It’s the easiest way to get hacked. In fact, if you can use an already hacked password, you will surely entertain the hacker into your laptop.

2.    Using the same password everywhere - There is no harm in accessing scores of social media, digital newspapers, websites of your interest or registering in different e-commerce sites. If you are using the same password everywhere for the sake of your convenience than you are actually welcoming the hackers.
3.    Insecure web searching - many individuals say that my laptop hacked and I don’t know the reason. Maybe they have not done anything wrong apparently but hackers always think differently. In many instances, some unknown software may try to change your browser settings with an intention to push unwanted ads. By allowing them, you are actually welcoming the hackers.

My Laptop Hacked
4.    Updated antivirus - If you are not updating your antivirus software regularly you are paving ways for various viruses.

My facebook account got hacked
5.    Use Facebook Id to register in an unknown site - Many individuals complain, ‘My Facebook account got hacked, but I couldn’t understand how!’, this may be due to using Facebook Id to register in an unpopular and unknown site.

My facebook account got hacked
6.    Inactivated firewall - If your firewall is not active, your laptop may pass many Trojans and malware unhindered.

My facebook account got hacked
7.    Clicking unknown links in emails - Clicking on an unknown links promising some alluring gifts, cash prizes, contacts may give you nicest gifts in form of viruses and malwares.

My Laptop Hacked
8.    Outdated OS - If you say, ‘My laptop hacked’, it may be probably due to outdated OS.

My Laptop Hacked
9.    Use of pirated software - A pirated software is actually hacker-friendly software because these software lack security codes so always susceptible to hacking.

My Laptop Hacked
10.    Downloading illegal contents - It is one of the most obvious reason that your laptop is hacked frequently.

My Laptop Hacked
The popular centers for laptop repair in Gurgaon receives hundreds of calls from clients every week with a problem that is generated due to virus or malware attacks. So, you need to be careful enough and think one step ahead of these hackers to protect your personal and important data.

Friday, 22 July 2016

9 Common Problems with MacBook Air and how to fix them!

MacBook air is one of the best creations of Apple Inc. Its sleek look, portability and above all usability is quite helpful to the owners. Undoubtedly, MacBook Air is a perfect laptop for all kinds if uses, yet some technical problems are not uncommon.

Here are MacBook Air common problems that may hamper normal activity with this ultramodern laptop and related Apple MacBook problem solutions
#1. Problem in sound system – Software update can solve the problem immediately. In case problem is solving even after an update, user can try resetting PRAM/NVRAM which is sure to solve the issue.


#2.Screen is going blank – Holding the power button for ten seconds or more and then releasing it, and again pressing the power button once can solve the issue. If the problem still exists, it is better to take the machine to any Apple approved laptop repair services.Macbook Air Common Problems

#3.Wi-Fi is not working – User should make sure that all the working software are up-to-date. After that turning off the entire system and then turning on solves the issue in most of the cases.

#4.Screen in frozen – At first need to quit the app currently running by ‘Force Quit’ option. Then restarting the system solves the problem.

#5. Problems in using AirPrint – Printer should be compatible with MacBook. If that is not an issue, then software update may be required. If the problem still persists, it is better to consult a technician.

Macbook Air Common Problems
#6. USB ports are not working – If all the USB ports have become idle, user needs to reset Mac SMC.

#7.Battery is draining quickly – Updating the apps solve the issue in most of the cases. If the problem still persists, resetting SMC is required.

#8.Machine is overheating – With the help of activity monitor the user can detect the problematic apps that are responsible for overheating. Then, necessary steps like closing down the app or removing it completely may solve the issue.

Macbook Air Common Problems

#9.Trackpad not functioning properly – Resetting the PRAM or running Apple Diagnostic may solve the issue.

Macbook Air Common Problems

If I am sure the above given information about the Apple Macbook Air Common Problems and Solutions, are beneficial for you and if you get any difficulty solving issue you can get Laptop Repair Services in affordable price for any kind of brand in one place. 24 Tech Support, is one the best laptop repair company gurgaon providing assured service.





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How can i format a computer and reinstall window?

Formatting Your PC is a routine process that can refresh your computer and make it work faster. With continuous usage of the computer, it is normal for a computer to slow down and it can become necessary to Format PC. Formatting Your PC will solve many problems, including any virus or Trojan but only if you format all the drives. Formatting just a C driver is not a good option. Always take a backup of your data before proceeding to format your PC. Even if you face a problem with your desktop then you can seek the help of various professional Computer repair services in Gurgaon.

Steps on How to format a computer step by step

First, you have to save your data on a desktop, my pictures, videos and all other files and folders in a pen drive or CD. Then you can start the process of formatting the computer and reinstalling new window. Wait before doing anything first check the size of your c drive and used and free space this will help you in further steps. I will show you below.

[caption id="attachment_906" align="aligncenter" width="320"]How can i format a computer Write down details[/caption]

As you can see here the size of my C Drive is 4.87 GB, is about 4997 MB and 2.92 GB is the free space. Write down these details somewhere and then move to the installation process.

1.The First step to format a computer is insert your Windows XP installation disc into your CD or DVD drive.


2.Shutdown your computer or Restart your computer and start Windows setup using Microsoft Windows bootable XP disk.

Format your pc

3. Press Enter.

how can i format a computer

4.Now Press F8.

How to install window xp

5. At this step press 'Esc'. Yes, because we are not here to repair our existing installation, but instead going to install a fresh copy of windows.

how to format a computer step by step

6. This Step is very important because here you have to choose which partition you want to format completely and so carefully choose C Drive, check the drive space is matching which we note down before starting formatting our computer that's why is I told you to write down it. And if you want your computer to be completely formatted then format one by one completely. Just select drive one by one and hit enter.

How can i format a computer

7. This Screen is important see if we are on right place means C Drive where our OS is installed and as you see the screen say there has OS already installed and if not, then go back to the previous step and select properly C Drive, which we have to remove and installed a new one.

how to format a windows pc

8. Now At this step, select your formatting option. I always choose NTFS non-quick option. You can choose anyone from NTFS or FAT, normal, but the last one, I too 'leave the current file system intact' should not be choose. In this tutorial I choose the third option. Please do check again to make sure that the partition you are formatting  is your c: drive partition, the name of your selected partition is shown on the second line on this above shown screen. Once you are ready and  placed your cursor to the proper formatting option, i.e. NTFS non-quick option in this example, press 'Enter'.

How can i format a computer

9. This screen will ask you for the final permit. Press 'F'.

How to format your pc

10. Wow, our formatting process will continue similar to the above screenshot.

Format PC

11. After successfully completing the formatting, the window setup will start to install Windows XP, with its first step been copying setup files. We don't have to do anything, the setup continues on it.

How to format a computer

12.After completion of the following above step, the computer w40ill start rebooting on its own and will come to the above screen, for the next 10 minutes, the setup will continue on its own.

Steps to format a pc

13.Just select 'Next'

How can i format a computer

14.Type a name for your company or organization, it can be anything. I choose 24 Tech Support' in company field and 'home' in the name field for both these details. Then select 'Next'.

How can i format a computer

15.Enter your product key and select 'Next'.

How to format your pc


16.Enter a computer name, you can leave it as it is also, choose an administration  password and remember the password or you can note down it somewhere.. Then select 'Next'.


17.Automatically the date and time would be update by the setup, if you want to change it, then change or just select 'Next'.

How can i format a computer

18.At this step choose Typical settings, or if you want to manually configure network components, select custom setting , but i would  suggest you to use typical settings. Then select 'Next'.

Format your laptop and install new window

19.Just select 'Next' and relax for some minutes. You are at final stage  of just completing your Formatting your computer and re-installation of new windows.

How to format a pc


20.Whenever  you see this screen. It means you have almost completed your job. Press OK and when the next dialog box occurs, press OK again.

Format your personal computer


21.On  this screen just follow the simple instructions do it according to your need and then Press Next .

How to format a pc

22.Then choose names for your users. I suggest enter at least one. Press 'Next' and when you are at the next step press 'Next' once again.


Congratulation! You have completed your installation process. Now install the all important drivers from the driver CD and a good antivirus and MS Office , Adobe photoshop or other important softwares or anything else you want. What we have learnt in this Formatting  our existing c: drive and Reinstall Windows XP.

It is not very difficult to format your PC, especially if you have been using the computer for some time. You would need a bootable disk of the desired windows version that you wish to install. Formatting Your PC will erase all your data. You can always make a bootable pen drive which is probably the best option for formatting your PC smoothly. You can learn many information about “How can I format a computer” from number of many other online websites which render detailed instructions.

The steps to format PC are convenient and can be easily implemented. Reinstalling window is a safe option and anyone can easily learn to format PC without being an expert. Moreover, there are many Computer repair services in Gurgaon that can offer services at very reasonable prices and also provides services at your door step. You can get good services at your convenient time and at your own place which is just excellent.







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Tips For Getting Best Technical Support For Your Computer!

The increasing dependency on the computer and its technology has made us handicapped, no user can assume a day without these technical devices.  These gadgets have made our life much  easier. In such case, to make them work smoothly, it is important that you get a constant and smooth result.  Here, we are going to discuss the technical support.
What does 24 Tech Support gives:
24 Tech support is a leading computer repair services as well as technical customer support wherein 100% satisfactory solutions are delivered. It is a destination where many users require help and support related to their computer, printer, router, and wireless network, moreover, we deliver the best so that these technologies do not bother you anymore.

Technical Support in Gurgaon

Our well versed team of technicians is capable in dealing with any type of Technical Support and issues, and ensures that all your problems are fixed completely. All measures are taken to support in solving a technical issue either on the phone or through chat or by visiting at your place. They analyze and diagnose your system thoroughly and fix all the errors. Hence, improve the performance of your computer.

AMC Support:

Technical Support in Gurgaon
Apart from computer repair services, we provide AMC services on computers. We offer services for the installation, servicing and support of computer hardware, software and networks. We deliver on-site computer services that are reliable and appropriate. We provide two types of Annual Maintenance Services, that is non- comprehensive that includes repair and services and comprehensive AMC services includes AMC of all parts. 24 Tech Support is one of the best in Technical Support in Gurgaon Services offered by 24 Tech support:

24 Tech support, with the help of professional experts, we offer services:
System Support -System Support Gurgaon

We give full support to your computer system, and provides the complete solution for your slow computer speed, startup issues, driver installation, etc.
Router Support-

Router Support Services in Gurgaon

The best technical remedies for Belkin, D-Link, Linksys and Netgear router brands are offered.

Windows Support

Technical support company in gurgaon

Solutions for all the Windows issues like Windows installation, Windows updates, etc. are provided by our expert technical executives.

Virus Removal Support

Virus Removal Service Gurgaon

Our specialists are available to take care of your system against hazardous viruses like Recycler, Trojan, Malware, Spyware etc.

I am sure the above given information is much more beneficial. If  you are searching for a better service option, then Computer Services in Gurgaon are the best place. Get Micrsoft Office Customer Service Number If still you’re looking for more options than, 24 Tech Support is the best.







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