Sunday, 20 December 2015

Computer Hanging Problem - Find Appropriate Computer Repair Services

Does your system hang? If yes, you would definitely need to get your system serviced  from appropriate computer repair services.

As there are many service centres and companies who offer PC repair services in Gurgaon, but there are very less good options to choose from. It is very difficult to choose the finest repair shop for your personal computer. No one can take the risk with his/her personal system, because it helps to lighten the workload and give us benefit to communicate with family, friends and business colleagues.

So, never let your computer rest because of the failure. Make a call to a Computer Repair Service In Gurgaon and know about the services provided by them so that you can easily make a decision. While making the final decision for your system, make sure that you are satisfied with the wordings and the experience of the technician. The main thing to consider is to know about the involvement of time and money to make your system working.  This is to be done because sometimes the purchase of a new system is better option than having it fixed from the repair shop.

Check out here: Computer Repair In Gurgaon to know more about the computer or laptop repair services. You can also make a direct visit to the famous cities of Gurgaon like: Dlf, Udyog Vihar, Cyber City, Golf Course Road, South City 1-2. The expert technicians available here make sure to the people that it is a good place to start with.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Computer Problems And Their Solutions On Same Day

It’s not an easy task to work with the system. You need to take care of the PC as you used to do with a  small kid. There are a lot of computer users who work with the system but don’t know to troubleshoot the problems that are interrupting. But, it’s not your fault! The advancement of technical skills is getting too high that it is not possible for a normal person to troubleshoot the issues. This is the reason why tech support services are located everywhere.

There are different types of Computer Repair Services offered by different type of technical experts. So, you are responsible for your decision. Many people try to save money and time and thus they take services from the local support, this may lead to a more critical situation as they are not professionals like 24 Tech Support experts.

So, it’s important to seek for the professionals as you seek the best doctor for your child. Here are some services which your computer repair may require and these services are provided by the experts of Computer Repair in South City 1-2 Gurgaon. Check it out!

  • Complete Virus Removal
  • Hardware Repair Or Replacement Of Old Parts
  • Data Recovery Service
  • Accessories Repair Service
  • Complete Maintenance Service
  • Customization, I.E, Installation Of Software And Drivers.

These are some of the major repair services offered by 24 Tech Support in different locations of Gurgaon like; South City 1-2, Cyber City, Golf Course Road, Udyog Vihar. Their offered services will make you satisfied by providing the finest results.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Affordable PC Repairs... A Laptop Repair = Stops Future Repair!

The laptops have become our part of life to survive! And, an appreciable thing is, they do all what we ask of them. But are you doing your job of maintenance? The laptop gets fail when it is lacking in maintenance. The virus infestation, and sometimes the hardware failures occur due to this cause.

There are many people around, who are not aware of the computer knowledge, but they are working on it. Such people try to fix the issue of their own, which should not be done at any cost! If you try to fix the problem, then it can lead to more critical situation. Instead of doing this, make your choice to get the best Laptop Repair in South City 1-2. The expertise available there will find out whatever the problem is and help you to get back on the track in the meantime.

24 Tech Support Services:

  • PC/Laptop Support

  • OS Support

  • Email Support

  • Anti virus Support

  • Brand Support

  • Internet Support

  • Java Support

  • Setup/Installation Support

  • Printer Support

  • Network Support

  • Database Support

An experienced technician of our department will diagnose all the problems associated with your laptop and recommend which parts need replacing. For any query, you can contact us or make a direct visit to the location - Sector 55-56-57, Sushant Lok, South City 1-2, Sohna Road, Golf Course Road, Dlf, Iffco Chowk. Before you choose our services, we would like to let you know that our PC repair cost is affordable and we will even your laptop at the same time!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Get Resolved Your Printer Issues With Finest Printer Support

Sometimes if your printer doesn’t work you actually feel irritating. You have to do an important task like, you want to fax, copy or scan the document, but your printer not only reject to print but also stop functioning. 

In such cases, first you try to fix your issue by your own by checking physical connections of printers wires and the power supply, but still you see that you are unable to diagnose the issue. Such situation definitely hampers you because your professional work gets to suffer.
Now for such situation, you need to make a decision  that how you are going to resolve this issue. The best thing you can do to prevent the issue is to go for the Printer Repair Services In Udyog Vihar. Here you will find all the solutions of your troubles by taking support from the experts. To know what issues can troubleshoot with the help of printer repair service centre, read the points below:
  • The printer refused to print at all
  • The printer is not printing the document clearly
  • The printer is giving out blank pages in the result
  • The working performance of printer at a very slow rate
  • The printer is not accepting the mobile device
  • After complete hard disk format, still printer declined to print
  • If the printer is costing at very high cost and getting expensive
These are the minor issues of printer which can be easily resolved by finding out the finest printer support. With the best brand 24 Tech Support, you can get the effective and efficient solutions for all your troubles. If you have any issue with your printer, you can visit the Printer Repair Services in Cyber City and ask for the immediate support.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Choose Professional Computer Repair Services For Your Benefits!

Many people complain about their irritable computer. They say that whenever they are doing something important with it, it gets hung. Is this happening with you too?

 If yes, then let me tell you that issue can be anything. Some problems can be troubleshoot by your own, but some needs to get resolved by the expert.

If we discuss about some problem, say:

Problems with internet- Sometimes, the internet doesn’t work because there may be some problems with the internet protocols of the computer.

Issue with hard disk or CD- This problem comes when you place your CD and it gets stuck inside as the ROM doesn’t open up.

For such problems, I suggest that you shouldn’t try to use your instincts which say do it yourself. Your step to resolve the problem can cause damage to your computer. It’s better that you spend your money on Computer Repair Services Sohna Road, Gurgaon which is your nearest store.

If you try to do a little online research, then you will get the best services at your preferred locations like: Sushant Lok, Sohna Road, MG Road, IFFCO Chowk and all sectors of Gurgaon. Here you will get the best packages by service providers.

Have you heard 24 Tech Support service?

If no, then I would like to inform you that it’s a big brand name for Computer Repair Services MG Road. The technicians available there are highly experienced in their computer repair services. Within a very least period of time, they figure out the issue of your computer system and renewed its ability just like it has come out of real manufacturing.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Dell Laptop Repair Support Just a Click Away

Dell! Has unconditionally helped in increasing the demand of computer users by its tremendous offers of devices which were created using improved technology. It has emerged the great trust among the PC users.

But we can’t say that this trust will be maintained till the end! Because it is an electronic device and thus it is vulnerable to breakdown. And when it happens, what the users require to resolve this problem?

To resolve such dilemma, taking support from the experts is the best solution to solve your issue. But the things you need to keep as a remark that from whomsoever you are taking support, should be well aware about the complete working of the machine. He should have complete knowledge to configure and troubleshoot the machine.

Dell Laptop Repair In Gurgaon For Best Support!

The tech support services in Gurgaon are well  known in Laptop Repairing  and help the Dell Laptop users to get what they have anticipated. The experts available there in the locations like, Udyog Vihar, Mg Road, Sushant Lok, South City, Cyber City and all other sectors are completely qualified in repairing damaged laptops. 

24 Tech Support is a brand name in Gurgaon, which offer services by experts who extends to not just fixing errors on computers and laptops, but keeping scanners, printers and other peripherals operating up to date.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Antivirus Support Services - Safe Your System from Virus

Oh no! Why my system is behaving so weirdly? I was working on important file.
Is this situation happening with you?
If yes, then your system has been infected by virus. Now what can you do to get rid of it?

Antivirus Support Services - Safe Your System from Virus

To get overcome from such situation, you need to adopt one of the safety measures. As there are various safety measures to follow, but one of the most important is antivirus software. You simply need to Buy Avast Antivirus to install and update it into your system. After installing antivirus software, you can enjoy safer browsing, and working on the system.
The market of Avg Antivirus Support has expanded a lot and these companies offering top class services to their client’s all over the world. To avail their service, you don’t need to take out time from your busy schedule. All you have to do is, drop a call or leave a message to get the support.
Sometimes the situation can remain the same. There are many people who still face a problem with the slow speed of the system after getting the software installed. If you face such issue or any other technical problem with your system, you can call Avast Tech Support and get a solution to your problem. Connect to Avast Phone Number to get instant help. Moreover, antivirus is very necessary for system protection and we provide all kinds of antivirus at affordable prices.

24 Tech Support is a big brand for such services. They offer antivirus softwares at affordable price and also support unconditionally. To know more about their services and offers, you can visit the location of Gurgaon like Udyog Vihar, Iffco Chowk, Cyber City, South City, Dlf and All Sectors and get Antivirus Support Services.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Protect Your Computer from Malware and Virus

This is an awful situation when you are working on very important document and suddenly your computer starts behaving so weirdly. At that time you will immediately realize that your computer has been infected by the virus and that virus was too strong that you did not get the chance to detect it.

Don’t be the case of such situation. Safeguard your interest with safety tools before facing such attacks of Trojan, virus and malware. By using more internet, you will face more problems in your system from virus attack.
You can protect your system by various Antivirus Support Services. Now these are as:
Your system lacks when there is an absence of antivirus software. You just need to install and update the latest version of software like McAfee or take Norton Phone Number and enjoy safer browsing and working on the system. Its very important to update software's as well as drivers in our PC or Laptop to fight against the bad or corrupt files that work like an virus. So, all you just have to do is update all the things and then scan with your antivirus.
Many of your files are confidential that contains your personal information and important work files, you cannot take risk for these due to virus attack. In such situation the market of antivirus support services has expanded a lot and offering top class services to its various clients across the world.

24 Tech support company, is an online tech support that offers all kinds of antivirus to protect your PC from virus threats. You will find their services around the all locations of Gurgaon like Cyber City, Mg Road, Iffco Chowk, SOuth City 1-2 and All Sectors. So, don’t let the issues of viruses enter your PC. Force yourself to uninstall it and call our team and get the solutions.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Things You Should Know About Laptop Repair in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the city where the laptop devices are used by working professionals. It is therefore necessary for them that these devices work adequately because for them the laptop is like supercomputer.

 Laptop Repair Services in Gurgaon

If you live in the city Gurgaon and you own your personal laptop, there are some features of every laptop  which you need to keep in mind.
Let's go through it...

  • Make Your Device Looks Good As It Is New
  • Look For Low Prices Available
  • Includes The Cost Of Toner Refilling
  • Printer Repair Services Included
  • Service On The Weekends Available
  • Use Of Latest Devices For Repair
  • Advance Booking Necessary

Thus, the Laptop Repair Home Service offers undoubtedly extremely useful needs and have made the lives of professionals in this city a lot more comfortable. You can visit any location of Gurgaon like, Udyog Vihar, Cyber City, Golf Course Road, Mg Road and All Sectors. You will get your all problems shorted out in very short time. Give you peace of mind and save your precise time is our main aim. 

24 Tech Support is Laptop Repair Company where you can get to know all about the services that are provided for Hp, HCL, ACER and Dell Laptop Repair in Gurgaon
including the amazing provision of toner refilling so that you can make use of such facilities for professional purposes someday.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Where to Go in Gurgaon When You Need A Printer Repair

Most of the times printers get conked on us and this is what they do sometimes. Behind it, there could be many reasons. May be there is some problem with the hardware that made it fail or communicate with the printer  properly.

When the situations come that printer conk on us we should go to get a repair. May be there is somewhere loose thread in the machine or any other issue. May be there is an issue with ink that we have used is not compatible with it.

Some issues can troubleshoot by yourself, but some need to get repaired from the expert technicians. Many people get the services from the normal repair shops. As they are not experts, they fix the problem temporarily. This results bad impact on your printer and you may not avail fine situation of your printer in the future.

For the best results, Get the printer repaired from the professionals.
If you live in Gurgaon, where you will go for printer to get repaired?

24 Tech Support is a leading IT company in Gurgaon. They have long since varied, and have entered into Computer, Laptop, and Printer repair services. They are reputed to give fast and quality service not only to the residents of Udyog Vihar and Cyber City but all over the Gurgaon.

To get your printer repaired, you need to visit Printer Repair in Udyog Vihar & Cyber City. 

Friday, 24 July 2015

Get Cheap Computer & Printer Repair Services In Gurgaon

Printers and computers are both becoming an elemental part of our life. Everyone used to work with computers and printers for the daily tasks. So they both need maintenance for positive condition. You will be facing a miserable situation if you find your computer and printer not functioning properly. Some issues can be fixed by yourself, but some issues are very critical which need an expert technician to fix the  problems. For the efficient repair services you can trust Computer Repair Services in Sohna Road and Printer Repair Services in Sushant Lok.

Computer Services includes:

Ø  Drivers repairing
Ø  Hard Disk Drive
Ø  Hardware & Software maintenance
Ø  Logic boards and motherboards

Printer Services includes:

Ø  Troubleshooting of laser printers
Ø  Wireless printer repairing
Ø  Recycling
Ø  Installation of printer drivers
Ø  Ink injection

24 Tech Support, provides an opportunity for the worthwhile computer and printer repair services. If you wish to have such type of service which can give you effective results than look for Computer Repair Services in Sohna Road and Printer Repair Services in Udhog Vihar which are entirely located for this intent. If you live in the Gurgaon area, then  you can use cheap Computer & Printer Repair Services in Sector- 55, 56, 57, South city 1-2, Iffco Chowk, Mg Road, Dlf, Golf Course Road, Sohna Road.  

Monday, 13 July 2015

Find The Best Laptop Repair Services In Gurgaon

Day by day laptops are becoming significant benefit especially when it comes to work. In comparative to the customary desktops, you can undoubtedly carry it wherever you desire to travel.
Laptops are very powerful and attractive, the convenience ordinarily approach to price. This consideration have greatly expanded our dependability on this chunk of technology and this is the cause when it shatter down we all get stuck in an existent issue.

As this issue is very familiar, it is normal for a laptop to acquire slow down by the time or there can be any hardware damage. Some problems can be sought out by troubleshooting process without taking help of any professional but for the repair issue it is premier to call in professional to avoid the further loss in software or hardware as they provide the best laptop repair services sector 55-56-57 Gurgaon.

Common laptop Issues:

A laptop has most common hardware related problems. Some of the problems are listed below:

Ø  Laptop doesn’t turn on at all.
Ø  Screen seems to be black.
Ø  Laptop gets turn on and then off repeatedly.
Ø  Make noise.
Ø  Some keyboard keys don’t work.
Ø  Hard drive failure.
Ø  Motherboard issue
Ø  Overheating issue
Ø  Damaged LCD backlight
Ø  Problem with the battery
Ø  Malware attacks
Ø  USB ports get damaged.
Ø  Laptop won’t boot.

The price affair depends upon the problem. And if you go with an inexperienced professional you can expect the heavy cost further without getting the problem resolved. So, it is significant to choose a knowledgeable professional.


24 Tech Support is a leading company based in Gurgaon. They are specialized in computer, printer & laptop repair services sector 55-56-57 Gurgaon. These services are rendered by experienced technicians, who have a rich experienced in the same domain. These services are highly demanded in the market due to fast and cost effective services at market leading prices. Moreover, these services are available in all over Gurgaon such as Sector 55, 56, 57 etc.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Free Home repairing services for your computer in Gurgaon

With technology it is important to get the devices checked and maintained. These need to be repaired regularly in order to ensure they run long. It is the same case with computers. Nowadays all homes have computers and its usage too has increased.
Computer Repair Services Gurgaon

Children might spend endless hours on social networking sites, mothers are hooked to get tips on cooking to beauty and grandparents love to play games on desktop computers. It has sort of become a companion that one cannot do without. As the device is used so extensively, one needs to have some IT service guy to repair the system in case of technical snag.

Thankfully owing to demand many IT service companies have started offering computer repair services in Gurgaon. It is one of the IT hubs as there are many IT companies based in this area. So it is apparent that most household here would need home repairing services for their computers. With newer models in the market the cost of maintenance has also increased. For that it is best to hire services of firms that offer affordable repair solutions.

In order to get hold of such small time computer repair service companies’ one can check their websites. These have full details about the kind of repair work they undertake and the charges for providing these services.

When in Gurgaon rely on Computer and Care Company that is the most sought after company to offer computer repair and maintenance. They are also hired to look after office computer network as their service charges are comparatively lesser than its counterparts.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Buy Best Antivirus Services in Gurgaon

Computers have become indispensable part of everyone’s life. Offices don’t run without computer networks, schools require them to impart teaching and manage data and people use them at home to keep track of monthly expense. While a lot of them invest in getting computer repaired and maintained regularly, but an important aspect is missed most of the time – to safeguard it from hackers and other viruses that often creep inside the system.

Viruses and hackers can come from anywhere
 These days hackers have started playing a lot of mischief and end up hacking accounts and mails id of important people and organisation. Some also send out viruses in emails or images to general users to hack their account to send out spam messages and videos.

Use antivirus to deal with hacking menace
Get best antivirus services in Gurgaon, which is the IT hub with many IT companies having their commercial offices. AVAST antivirus Support Gurgaon is one such service provider. Most of the IT support service agencies offer computer maintenance plans along with antivirus support and help along with software.
Various kinds of packages one can get are monthly, six-monthly to yearly plan for antivirus software and computer updates. Companies can get professional and proficient technical support from service agencies that too anytime of the day.

It is not only computers by one can get antivirus software installation for mobiles, palmtops, laptops and iPads as well. The aim is to offer protecting to all digital devices that run on internet and are susceptible to virus attack. Get best antivirus software like:
  • Norton Antivirus
  • McAfee Antivirus
  • K7 Antivirus
  • Panda Antivirus
  • Kingsoft Antivirus
  • Avast Antivirus
All the antivirus software is sourced from certified sellers with authenticity checked. No duplicate software is used since it might hamper the computer running and operation. The computer service stations catering to large corporate clients ensure best quality service and in-time delivery.

Antivirus upgrade is essential since the software comes with limited days or a year usage. After which these have to be reinstalled with newer version with added features. One can buy antivirus software from e-commerce sites these days that offer them at discounted rates with additional freebies. Consumers can also get coupons and deals like a free maintenance plan or a computer hardware along with the purchase. But it is vital to check if the company selling is reliable and worth investing in. Most easy is to bank on the local computer service person to install it in the computer and all other digital devices. 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

How to Choose Computer and Laptop PC Repair Services in Gurgaon?

A computer, or a laptop, makes life much easier in today’s digital age. But as good as it may seem, at the end of the day, it is just another piece of technology, and just like all the products, laptop & desktop computers also need maintenance, time and again, depending upon the need.

Being a house of computer repairing experts, we at 24TechSupport have come up with a quick and easy guide for you to ensure that if your computer breaks down or need a bit of repairing, you don’t fall for any fraudulent service provider.

  • Age: How old a company is will yield the trust factor of the said firm in the market.
  • Customer Reviews: Try to do a brief research offline as well as online, about the customer’s feedbacks for the company.
  • Technicians: Ensure that the people, who are going to repair your computer, know the technology. Avoid novices.
  • Tariff: If any parts need replacements, know their actual market price. Also, try to inquire about the cost of computer repair services in the nearby area as well.
  • Accessibility: Try to find laptop repair services in Gurgaon that are near to the place where you live. So that in case the first service doesn’t go well, you can easily knock their door again.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Online Printer Support in Iffco chowk Gurgaon

Printer generates textual matter of documents stored in computer. It is mostly used in home and office environment. With latest technology, several kinds of printers have developed today. While a printer is generally used with a computing system, it has also become possible today to carry out the printing task by connecting a printer with a mobile device. You may encounter several issues while operating a printer like it shows some error message when installing and configuring Printer Support services in Gurgaon, prints are too light and spotty and it works at slow speed. Virus could damage the driver of printer.
 If you are facing problems in your printer due to virus infections and the problem is not handled by you then you need to call for technician to repair it. Now a day’s many small and reputed companies provide online printer support services.  24techsupport provides affordable.

 24techsupport specialize in providing complete range of Printer technical support services. Our experienced technicians quickly diagnose the problem and resolve all printer issues of all brands. 24techsupport is involved in offering a quality range of Printer Support in Gurgaon and it meets all demands of our customers. To get more information you can also visit our website. 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

How to Find an Appropriate Laptop Repair Service Provider in Gurgaon

With the rise of the usage of laptop it’s essential for the users to make proper use of the laptop so that they can achieve maximum performance. Some of the common problems that we face with our laptops are overheating, laptop running slow, laptop shutting down constantly, laptop needs upgrade, laptop motherboard installation and many more. These are the issues which can hamper our work and can be really frustrating. You will never like to replace the damaged parts yourself especially when it isn’t under warranty, then you’ll have to find a professional laptop repair service centre to do it.



There are good professional companies who provide laptop repair services in Gurgaon who are devoted to provide friendly customer service while focusing on quality and value. With experienced and highly trained technicians they provide repair for almost all company’s laptops like IBM, Compaq, Toshiba, Apple, Asus, Acer, HP, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Alien ware and many more. Some of the companies like 24 Tech Support also provides on-site repair service and guarantees that they will be at your door 24 hours, often on the same day when you call. Therefore, before choosing any company just make sure that you check their services, cost and years of experience in the relevant field.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Choosing a On-site Computer Repair Service!

Although there are several general issues in the computer that can be solved without the help of an expert, however for complex computer issues you need an IT support team. Computers are now the essential part of our life and sometimes due to a tight deadline; you cannot afford a technical mishap on your computer. Having an on-site PC support services is always an advantage as it saves a lot of your time which otherwise could be wasted on locating the best repair shop. If a technician is visiting your place to fix your computer then you can have a look over the problem and ensure that your important data is safe.

With our years of experience at 24 Tech Support we have found that most of the people looking for a computer repair services in Gurgaon always complains that the turnaround time of the repair shops are very poor, usually 3 or more days, therefore to overcome this problem on-site repair service was introduced where the same job that may take days to complete at a repair shop, may take only an hour or two. And more importantly, you would know exactly who is working on your computer and whether to trust them with your important data.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Get a Glimpse Of PC Tech Support with 24 Tech Support

If you face problem with you PC then definitely you will approach a company that can provide Repairing Service.  There are many service providers in the market but how to know which the best is? For this one need to know what all services are included in PC Tech Support so that you are not cheated and get the complete value of your money.

Let’s have a brief view at a comprehensive PC support service.  Here is a list of services a Tech Support Company in Gurgaon must provide:

  • Computer set up and installation

  • Online data back- up support

  • Trouble shooting computer problems heating up of the system, blue screen, booting error, etc

  • Driver and software installation, up-gradation, maintenance, etc.

  • Computer maintenance and regular services

If a company claims to provide you all these then definitely you should go for it, but also consider the price they quote for it and the facilities it provides you along with this.

[caption id="attachment_276" align="aligncenter" width="518"]PC Tech Support with 24techsupport PC Tech Support with 24techsupport[/caption]

24 Tech Support is one such company known for its quality, reliable and affordable Tech Support in Gurgaon . You don’t have to panic whenever a error arises, just make a call on their toll free number and their executives will available at your service to render you the best. They facility for which they are known the most is on-site repair service.
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